Scary numbers.

💰 How much does hybrid work cost ?💰

Take a guess at how much time you and your colleagues spend on schedules, logistics, and admin? Think about all the emails and messages it takes to set up meetings, workflow, and coordinate remote vs. office work.

⏱️ Average time per day scheduling staff and workplace logistics

1-15 min / day

up to 30 min / day

1 hour / day

Annual cost

8,729 €

🗺️ Office Location

Central city



Both / Average

Annual cost

20,000 €

Let's simulate at the scale of your company

🤷 Number of Employees

Estimated office costs

574,580 €

What you save with Offishall

172,374 €

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Result based on the cost of average French based salary in 2020 and on the average office m2 square renting price in 2020.