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The hybrid workplace experience with Offishall :

  • Designed for you—Flexible, transparent, and founded on trust.
  • Accessible, affordable prices—We believe that every company is a changemaker. Together, let’s revolutionize the world of work.
  • Simple, fast, and fun—We love work and think you should too.

Our Mission


The Team


Audrey Barbier Litvak


Audrey comes to us from WeWork France, Belgium, and Southern Europe. As former General Manager, Audrey has opened nearly 30 coworking spaces in Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, and Milan, overseeing both marketing and operations. Her past clients include more than 300 companies, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to public organizations, CAC 40 groups, and a variety of tech giants. Throughout her career, she has encountered a broad spectrum of working styles, exploring how they can coexist within innovative and constantly evolving spaces. Here at OFFISHALL, Audrey wants to help businesses combine collaborative tools and strategy to rise above today’s challenges of workplace flexibility. She makes it her mission to bring the principles of smart working to as many companies as possible.


Bruno Velours


Bruno is the technical manager of Offishall. Specializing in interactive user experience, he has spent the past decade developing a wide range of cutting-edge digital solutions. A firm believer in Offishall's mission, he’s known for his commitment to information transparency and the Holy Grail of data security.


Vincent Barbier


Over the last 16 years, a rich career path has led Vincent to acquire impressive experience in sales and commercial negotiations. After starting out in the media world with RMC and BFMTV, he pivoted to the FMCG sector at Mars Wrigley where he served as Key Account Manager within the National Customer Management Department. He brings to OFFISHALL his strategic vision, talent for customer acquisition, and insatiable quest for results.


Ross Grieve

Managing Director UK & Canada

Ross Grieve spent the last three years with WeWork, scaling workspaces across Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Having managed close to one million square feet of real estate, Ross offers a global knowledge of working environments for businesses of all sizes. Inspired to challenge the status quo, Ross embarked on a year-long journey studying and developing Employee Engagement programs for WeWork's 4500 Global frontline employees. During this process, he reinvented operational norms, reducing lost time on the job and letting employees focus on their core responsibilities. Throughout his career, Ross has witnessed firsthand how quickly admin tasks can take over the workday. Add to this the many facets of the current real estate market, and business are facing more complexities than ever before. Across all sectors, Ross believes that Offishall offers the ideal solution and he’s excited to bring it to the US and beyond.


Virginie Le Thanh


Virginie’s career path has led her to the crossroads of tech and business, with a focus on customer experience. Passionate about technology and data, she has spent the past decade working as product manager at Canal +, loyalty manager at Amazon, and COO of an animation startup. Virginie brings to Offishall her out-of-the-box culture and obsession with the final customer.


Camille Françillon


Camille has been with us since OFFISHALL’s beginnings. Guided by her passion and expertise, Camille accompanies companies of all sizes as they make their transition to smart working.


Charles Saksik


Charles brings to the office a background in management consulting and investment banking. Upon completing his MBA at Columbia, he joined WeWork as head of financial operations in the EMEA region. Later promoted to Director of Global Operations, he is now Director of Operational Innovation at KFC UK. At Offishall, Charles is known for his keen eye for structuring and out-of-the-box thinking.


Claire Daly


A 2006 graduate of Sciences Po Paris in 2006, Claire DALY began her career in organization, strategy, and management consulting. Inspired by her experience with human organizations, she discovered her passion for law, eventually becoming a lawyer with a specialty in labor law. After a few years at a Strasbourg law firm in Strasbourg, she founded her own practice in Paris. Her mission is to help individuals and companies find swift solutions to their labor law and civil law issues.


Dwight K Schrute

Regional Manager

Dwight is the sum of this team, our inspiration. Without him this OFFISHALL adventure could not have begun. He is our ultimate product manager and the answer to all the complicated questions we ask ourselves. Would Dwight use this app? Is Dwight able to collaborate more effectively with our tools?