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Why you need Offishall ❤️

  • • Are logistics and admin tasks taking over your life ?
  • • Do you wish your team could choose where they want to collaborate ?
  • • Do you know the conditions your team members need to work at their best ?
  • • Are you making the most of the money you spend on your office spaces ?

Offishall Planning. Simple and transparent workforce & workplace management.


Take back your time and headspace

No more spreadsheets. No more juggling. No more endless email threads.


Stay in touch all day long

Log in any time to see where your employees are working from and when. With Offishall Planning, everyone gets to choose.


Work better together

Call a meeting and connect with your team in a single click.


Stay on top of your numbers

Optimize your workspace and real estate decisions with real-time data from Offishall.

“We are all fans of Offishall planning at Big mamma: 0 admin, hyper simple and intuitive for the users, a vision of all the teams to favour the time together and to adapt to see each other by avoiding infinite mail loops. All this with a great team in the back office, very reactive. Congratulations to the whole team!”
Jessica Clouvel Burel

Jessica Clouvel Burel

HRD France, BigMamma

“Offishall saves us so much wasted time and pain points on the organization of our employees' presence. It's easy to use, transparent and collaborative. The teams love the tool, and the Dashboard allows me to identify uses and see ways to optimize our spaces.”
Julie Gramer

Julie Gramer

People and culture Lead, Foxintelligence

Logistics made easy✨

Imagine a world of effortless planning and logistics. Your team members get to decide where they want to work from and when. No spreadsheet required.

Yes. I’m ready to simplify my life


Optimize your occupancy rate🤝

With your workspace overview, everyone knows where everyone’s working all of the time.

Yes. I’m ready to work better together.


Optimize your occupancy rate 📊

Know your occupancy rate and finetune your budget.

Yes. I’m ready to make the most of my desk space


Optimize your workspace  📉

Stop wasting money on extra cleaning, maintenance, meals, and electricity. Set up your budget to match your actual needs

Yes. I’m ready to optimize my investment.


Where’s your time and money going?

  • 4 hours/week

    Average amount of time managers waste on logistics and planning

  • €14 000/year

    Average hosting cost per employee

  • 40%

    Average percentage of unused workspace

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€1 50

per user/per month

  • License with individual access
  • Onboarding and product presentation
  • User support
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1 €

cost per user/per month

  • License with individual access
  • Onboarding and product orientation
  • User support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Offishall Planning when I can just use Excel ?

Is my company big enough for Offishall Planning?

But there are already so many online platforms! What if my team members don’t want to fill out one more form?

What about union representatives? Do they accept tracking?

What if my managers don’t want to share their information with their employees?

Can Offishall Planning account for strict, work-from-home regulations?

What if I have a complex office layout?

Can you integrate the solution into my apps ?

What about costs?  🤔

Beyond effortless logistics, Offishall Planning saves you money by maximizing your workspace and occupancy rate.
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